by David I. Kessler

Boys' camp was again the scene for Carnival, 1962 as the girls came over in a festive mood to play the varying and exciting round of games offered by each bunk. Sunday was, as usual, the day for the circus-carnival, and July 29 the date, as campers scattered about the campus in hopes of prize coupons as reward for a display of skill on their part.
First the boys, led by riding counselor Sammy Perlow atop his white steed and by a masked head counselor who strongly resembled Irwin Tobin, strolled over en masse to the girls' camp for the traditional parade. The boys dressed in costumes of their choosing, with many as clowns and cowboys. Joined by the girls, the entire ensemble returned to the boys' side for the afternoon.

If you were a bettor you could have gone to Bunk 14's "Dart Poker" or Bunk 8's "Horse Racing."; if a sharpshooter, then to 16's "Magic Golfer," 5's "Squirt the Candle," 6's "Burst the Balloon"; if in the mood for a good scare, to 15's "Horror House"; if to display your skill, to Bunk 4's "Ring the Coke" or to " Basketball Throw" at Bunk 18. Those desiring to "settle matters" with their counselors could have done so at Bunk 12's "Douse the Louse" or 10's "Sponge the Counselor." And you had to be at your best to successfully pass the "Nerve Tester" (Bunk 7), "Walk the Crooked Mile" (Bunk 9), or shoot the ball through a "Crazy Maze" (Bunk 13).
Carnival Day closed with a fake Color War in late afternoon, followed by the real thing at taps time the very same evening. It was the perfect end to a perfect day, leaving Red and Gray in high spirits for the coming competition.
P.S.: For those still curious, there were 710 (count 'em) nails in the "Crazy Maze" board, and nobody came close in the guessing.

by Roberta Ertis

The Carnival was a blast. It was held on boys' side Sunday, July 29. Carol Falk was a clown and she looked really funny. Some kids blew up water balloons and I was the lucky one to get drenched. The first game I played was Bunk 4's "Ring the Coke." It looked real easy, I thought, but I was sure surprised. Well, of course, I lost but it was lots of fun. Then I tried another game. My hopes for high even after my first failure. There was a long crooked wire that you had to go from one end to the other without touching