by Mel Gurtov

One of the highlights of the culinary season was then eating contest held at suppertime on Saturday evening, July 14. Arts and Crafts instructor Steve ("The Stomach") Jaffe and Pioneering counselor John (" The Jowl") Kawa ate to a draw before many who stayed past the normal and to dinner to see the clash.

Jaffe was at his best, consuming six portions of meat loaf and two of chicken along with enormous quantities of water, bread and cake. But Kawa was equal to this Herculean effort at the table. John's fork, knife and spoon accounted for three bowls of soup and one of cole slaw in addition to three portions of chicken, two of meat loaf and innumerable amounts of chopped liver on cracker. Both left the dining room somewhat slowly with all that food in them, yet annoyed nevertheless at the waiters' slowness with those sixth helpings.