by Louis Schreier

The Ranger Arena opened its '62 season Sunday night, July 8 under the discerning eye of Referee Al Pinsky and announcer Jerry Olinick. The boxing began with two rounds of fierce battling between Marc Gutterson and Andy Browner. While Gutterson came out victorious, Browner with startling with the way he stood up to the vicious blows. In defeating Browner, Gutterson showed fine boxing form as he delivered a barrage of lefts and rights.
Paul Bloom vs. Joel Kramer. This fight was considered a draw, for there was an even exchange of punches. In the two rounds there was a 1-1-2 vote for a draw among the four judges. These two rounds were full of excitement even though very close.
Leaping Louis Schreier vs. Walloping Warren Suna. Leaping Louie won on speed and sharper punching. In the two rounds, Warren gave Louie dozens of punches but Louie returned all.
Pulverizing Paul Perlstein vs. Ripping Ronnie Weinberg. Unfortunately, Pulverizing Paul was pulverized as the judges voted for Ripping Ronnie unanimously at the end of two rounds.
Jumping Jack Rossinsky vs. Slaughtering Steve Mait. This fierce battle of titans lasted for three rounds. These rounds were full of double-barreled lefts and rights with action that was plentiful enough for two rounds of two different bouts. It was considered a draw.
Smashing Steve Yeckes vs. Startling Steve Wachman. This was one of the most wild-swinging bouts that night as both boys attempted to land the knockout punch. It was judged a 1-1-2 draw.
Darting David Kessler vs. Acid Alan Glaser. There was a near K.O. in the second round by Darting Dave, who landed to the head and body innumerable times. The judge's decision was unanimous for Kessler.
Jarring Jackie Schnitt vs. Baby Bernie Cooper. From the moment Jackie bounced into the ring Bernie knew he was through. "The Coop" couldn't get near dodging Jackie because of the little man's speed. By the end of two rounds "the Coop" was bleeding badly and had to be carried out.

Ranger Arena was again the scene for some fine fistic combats Sunday evening, July 29, with Steve Krasnor the referee.
In the first bout--Evan Tobin vs. Steve Fox--it was the round-house rights of Fox in the opening round which decided the bout in his favor. Evan put up a gallant battle, but the decision showed 4-14 Fox.
Billy Loftman vs. Mike Smiley produced a terrific first-round exchange at the center of the ring. Both men never stopped punching, and the judge is quite rightly scored the about a draw.
The left hook went against the roundhouse right when Ed Kagan met Stan Cohen. The result was a draw, with Stan taking the first round and Eddie the second.
Mark Finkelstein vs. Ritchie Marx saw a forfeit by Ritchie in the first round thanks to some hard right hands thrown by southpaw Mark.
Dave Conrad vs. Gary Mueller gave the crowd but twenty seconds of action as Dave landed repeatedly to score and quick T.K.O.