Despite abrupt changes in the weather this summer we were able to do many things at the waterfront. Many girls received Red Cross cards and still others worked at the Ranger Water Safety Program.

At the start of the season the crib was quite a crowded place. However, with a lot of hard work, the girls advanced to the intermediate area and finally to the deep water by satisfying the eight lap requirement.

In our department, hardly a day passed when our boats and surf-boards weren't used to the utmost. With some very windy days during the season the girls at the true thrill of sailing.

When all of these things are combined we can see that the water can be a lot of fun-when used properly. However, remember respect the water and it will respect you.

Jerry Luxenberg
Alan Rosell

This year the waterfront program at camp has been very intensive. The campers attempted to attain Red Cross cards which, upon achievement, place them on the same level as others throughout the world who have achieved the same cards.

Six campers work particularly hard teaching and learning all phases of waterfront in achieving Water Safety Aid certificates. This credit goes to Peter Dodge, Jerry Olinick, Fred Fox, Mel Goodman, Tom Wachtel and Jeff Rosen. Dave Conrad, Marc Chernoff and Les Snyder, while not meeting the age requirement for W.S.A., nevertheless did excellent work as safety aids throughout the summer.

Neil Goldstein, Mike Markel, Jerry Weinstein, David Kessler, Alan Glaser, Mitchell From, Jack Rossinsky and Robert Bloom are at the time of this writing working hard towards completion of their Junior Lifesaving course.

Other swimmers achieved Red Cross cards as a result of hard work this summer. Manny Bloom, Bob Goldman and Eddie Chernoff, though not old enough for lifesaving, achieved their Aquamaster cards. Jackie Schnitt, Marc Gutterson, Warren Suna, Harlan Kosson, Robert Levine, Burt Seifman, Mitchell Heide, Steve Fox, Ethan Stateman, Steve Fallis and Don Haber has shown tremendous improvement in their swimming over the season.

Larry Schnitt
Cliff Ross