Dear Campers,

As Usual, all good things must come to an end, and so must this year's camp season. Each summer has its own special memory. This year, for me, it is the Red and Gray decided by one-half point. There are many other highlights, but a close second must be awarded to "Brigadoon."
In addition to the memories of a wonderful activities, the most wonderful part of camp is that a camper has so many friends who are always on hand. I hope that the friendships made in camp are not forgotten during the winter. Call or write to each other. In this way the summer camping season will last twelve months instead of merely eight weeks.
I wish to express my thanks to all the people on the staff who helped to make 1962 a highly successful camping season.



It's never good-bye when a camp season ends
You just inventory your good times and friends
And store them away in your memory, marked "Keep"
Then, through the long winter, the pleasures you reap--Remembering.

I would like to keep in my memory book a picture of my Ranger Girl. Hopefully, she is the girl who has gotten from camp worthwhile values and has tried to appreciate the simple beauty of God's own earth. She knows, too, that camp is the finest place to Grow Up in, to learn to give of oneself and to know the true self of others. This is the real wonder of human relationships.
May the Good Lord bless and keep you.