The Ranger Camp season of 1962,
Proved to be the best for every Sally and Sue.
This summer camp life was more fun than ever,
To surpass it would be quite an endeavor.
One aspect of camp life that added more,
Was Ranger's new slant on tribal war.
Here Seneca, Mohigan and Sequoia all,
Competed against each other, having a ball.
At the Indian campfire the atmosphere was enhanced,
As the False Face Seneca Warriors danced.
Along with the Seneca, the Sequoia did much,
In presenting their favors with a heartwarming touch.
Last but not least and they did far from fail,
The Mohigan Indians danced while telling a tale.
On Seneca's totem of Black, Gold and Red
Stands high their symbol- a buffalo head.
The Sequoia totem pole stands so regal
Flying up high is their symbol the eagle.
The Mohigan tribes emblem is the owl,
This wise figure is carved with hammer and trowel.
We leave our tribal life with many a tear
We pray to Wakonda--Let us come back next year.

Carol Fagin and Merle Braunstein