score of 42 out of a possible 50, and Ralph Knoph, one of the first to attain his pro-marksman award. With scores of 41 and 44, Mike Markel and Louis Picon of the lower seniors should be mentioned.
Many seniors shot over 40 at least one time this season. Outstanding were: Steve Blum, 43; Mel Goodman, 41; Pete Dodge, 43; Harlan Ellis, 42; and Sandy Lederman, who shot a 43 in the sitting position.
Apologies must be rendered those boys who were well on their way toward awards, but who had not yet achieved them as of this writing.

by John Kawa

With the advent of the first camp- fire on July 22, Pioneering officially took its place on
Ranger's campus. This first campfire featured an Indian theme, with the Senior boys taking the task well in hand. The Six Moons appeared in

their initial performance: Bernie Cooper, Marty Olinick, Sy Ginsberg, Arnie Graf, Al Vogel and Al Pinsky.

Bunk 19 did a fine take-off on "West Side Story" ("West Plains Story"). Bunk 18 featured Superman's death and Jerry Olinick and Steve Blum succeeded in imitating Jose Jiminez and Sam Sneed.

The second campfire, on August 5, featured a Pirate theme, again provided by the senior boys. The lower seniors provided the skits, however, with Bunk 14 spoofing "This Is Your Life" while rendering exposes on Steve Krasnor and Irv Tobin. Steve Jaffe lent a hand with a counselor's Simple Simon; Bunk 15 "killed" Perry Mason; and Bunk 16, in a shadow skit, demolished Dr. Kildare via a Mad Magazine.

In that secluded area 100 feet from camp, there were daily pioneering sessions ranging from fire-building to stalking. The boys managed to erect two tents, a tripod table, two lean-tos, and three signal towers. The freshment and sophomores had a secret camping spot with their own tepees. The seniors, lower seniors and inters managed to enjoy sleep-outs with cook-outs. Several counselors also contributed to the success of Pioneering. Special thanks to Bob Young, Steve Jaffe and Mike Gordon.

The most adept camper pioneers were harlan Ellis, Bob Gordon, Charles Bengaloff, Sandy Lederman, Larry Tucker, Rich Smallman, Bob Sentnor, Ronnie Rieser, Evan Tobin, Barry Goldstein, Jack Rossinsky and Fred Goldstein.

Looking back on a very successful season, I wish to thank all those who cooperated with me and wish them luck in the future.