This summer, Pioneering on Girls' Camp has been a most successful venture. The enthusiasm shown by each group has made outdoor living fun, and has given campers a true feeling of working together. We have made camping and cooking out an integral part of the Ranger program and hope to continue with it next summer. A special worth thanks to Lolly Podos and Donna Sellinger for their never-ending, and ever-ready assistance. No program can flourish without the spirit and help of all the girls who gave their time and effort and had the desire to learn; I sincerely thank you all.

(Barbara Dennis)
Girls' Pioneering Counselor

Ranger girls have the key to one of the best equipped and most productive Arts and Crafts shops of all fair camps. This season we've all pitched in to maintain our high standards. Our youngest gals had the grandest time making puppets of foreign lands. Gleefully, they molded heads, painted features and even stitched together little felt outfits. When the steps were completed they had quite a colorful representation of foreign delegates. Girls, you did a grand job and we're proud of you.

Ceramics was a popular project enjoyed by all ages. Many lovely decorative cups and trays were made to enhance empty shelves back home. A more creative project combined ceramics and mosaics. The results were breathtaking. Mosaic pictures in richly stained colors provided our older girls with hours of patient work; as they chipped and cemented tiles to form the entire design. Another combination project of great success was the felt caricature plates of Mom and Dad. They looked so charming that mother will hardly resist hanging them on the dining room wall. There is hardly room to enumerate the variety of materials we enjoyed. In jewelry alone, we used copper clay shells and stones.

Ranger girls agree that we have our own special recipe for a successful Arts and Crafts summer. With the materials at hand we combine a measure of our own originality, skill, and Ranger spirit and what remains is more than just a beautiful piece, but many joyous and memorable hours spent in Ranger Arts and Crafts.

Joan Jacobson