One of the most thrilling tennis seasons in many a year got off to a exciting start at Camp Ranger early this July. During both activity and free play periods, the tennis courts on girls' camp were constantly in use. Some of the players who were dissatisfied with their performances last year, were determined to improve and worked hard on their games. Others, who are just beginning to become tennis enthusiasts had a "swinging" time on the courts in learning the basic concepts of tennis.

One highlight of the season was the annual tennis demonstration which Eli Epstein conducted, the pro at Grossinger's. He explained and demonstrated a few of his ideas to get the learner started in the proper direction. He strongly emphasized the important task of establishing proper court habits. This season has climaxed by close competition among six Ranger girls. The winner, Donna Sellinger, was awarded a new tennis racket for her skill on the court.

The tennis season reached a peak however, with the annual pyramid competition, which was climaxed by the Ranger Cup Tournaments, would just about every camper in the lower and upper senior division participated. In the pyramid tournament, Nadine Fishelman of the lower senior division came out on top, with Barbara Berlin and Ronnie Berkowitz close behind. The winner of the upper seniors was Carol Fagin, with Ellen Schnitt and Sue Brody in the second row. Both Carol and Nadine won a gold ball as the top award. In the Ranger Cup tournament, the lower seniors, and some of the teeners were divided into thirteen teams. The tournament was worked on the basis of elimination, whereby the winning team, consisting of Ellen Schnitt (captain), Nina Cohen, Andy Horowitz, and Diane Satz all won Ranger Cup tennis racket covers.

Hope Heller