by Jimmy Weisman

July 23 this season was a day we will all remember. It was our "Day with the Knicks." Besides Johnny Green and Whitey Martin, "old timers" in the National Basketball Association, there was Bob Burgess, a rookie from Marshall College who has given the Knicks high hopes for the coming season.
The three Knicks gave a shooting clinic for our older campers in the morning. They showed exciting and colorful films in the afternoon, followed by a question and answer period from which many of us profited.
The highlight of the day was the counselor-Knick game, with the office boys alternating in playing with the New Yorkers.
The Knicks needed little aid in thrashing Ranger. The game was spotlighted by the play of Richie Perlstein, who did a commendable job of keeping up with the ball while his Bermudas sagged. The camp unofficially voted Steve Krasnor the L.V.P. (Least Valuable Player). Sy Ginsberg, Freddie Wallace and Pete Schwartz shot well for the counselors.
Ginsberg and Wallace teamed to soundly defeated Burgess and Martin twice in shooting contests in the morning for speed and accuracy. The Knick duo was humiliated further when they received a third setback at the hands of Donna Sellinger and Carol Fagin. The matches were all, of course, in good fun, and the entire camp appreciated the Knicks' coming.

Accompanied by his son Dick, Grossinger tennis pro Eli Epstein made his annual visit to Ranger August 20 to provide another highly interesting and entertaining clinic and exhibition. Following a beneficial demonstration of the basic racket grips and shooting techniques, Mr. Epstein became a judge for contest. After watching several girls and an equal number of boys go through their paces -- returning shots and serving -- a committee of five judged Donna Sellinger and Ronnie Pross the winners of new rackets. Eli ended his stay in fine style by teaming with Irv Tobin to outclass Dick Epstein and our own Mike Colin in an exhibition match.