Red team Olympians, headed by Andy Horowitz and Nancy Wasserstrom were the victors of the first Ranger Olympics. Making an early lead and maintaining it throughout, the red olympians emerged triumphantly with the final score of 142 to the Gray's 79. The Gray olympian team was led by Jacki Drimer and Ellen Schnitt.
The Olympics was a strictly and athletic competition with the added attraction of rope burning and the counselor volleyball game. Although the Olympics was not a part of actual Color War many of the songs were carried over.
Olympics proved to be one of the highlights of the 1962 Camp Ranger season and it is hoped for all, that it may become a part of the regular summer program.

Jacki Drimer

The inter-camp games proved very exciting for the girls' camp. There were a few home and away games with Camp Raleigh and Camp White Roc. The Ranger spirit and good sportsmanship displayed by the girls was very heart-warming. The senior girls won a few and lost a few, but the fun had by all was truly unforgettable.