Gray Gauchos Marching Song
(The March from Aida)

Charge through
Ride onward brave gauchos
Striving to beat the foe
Let your voices go
Sing it out, ring it out

Our word round up the great red herd
Keeping our heads up high
Reaching toward the sky
Red team heat can't defeat
Gray Gaucho cry

Riding across the plain
History'll cry our name
Gray Gauchos onto frame--Gaucho
Ride on, ride on, ride on

Gray Gauchos Alma Mater
(I Talk to the Trees)

We sing to Camp Ranger
The silver lake and blue sky
Gold sunlight and green trees
This is where our hearts lie.

We sing to Camp Ranger
Where one never wanders alone
We'll cherish our days here
For we've found our home.

With hope and love we pray
Bless Ranger Red and Gray
Dear Camp we pledge to thee,
Our friendship eternally.

Through the winter we shall recall
The friendships borne to us here
To Red and to Gray we say
See you next year.