Silence hovered over the campus one summer evening. Taps was scheduled to blow shortly. But . . . out of the silence came the shattering sound of REVEILLE. Color War had finally broken after several fakeouts.

Gray Gauchos and Red Rhythms began their competition the following morning. General Merle Braunstein and Lieutenants Carol Fagin and Nina Cohen manned their Red force. The Gray girls were led by General Natalie Grossman and Lieutenants Donna Sellinger and Lois Chizner.

During the first two days of Color War the Girls' Camp engaged in swim meets, softball, volleyball, tennis, newcomb, basketball, archery, and punchball. On the morning of the third day, all the girls took part in an Apache Relay, and later a Round Robin softball game.

The evenings were carefully planned as were the days. On the first night for the purpose of easing the mounting tension the camp watched an out-door movie, "Come September." Camp Ranger's annual rope burning took place on the second night of Color War. The Camp watched closely as the Red Rhythms speedily built their fire and burned through the rope. Gray gauchos got off to a slow start but built a beautiful fire. It was too late however, and the Red girls received the maximum points.

Going into the sing, which was held the last night of Color Competition, the Grays maintained a slight lead. The sing was definitely the deciding factor in the Color War of 1962. The songs were excellent and as usual, the singing was superb. For the plaque and sing combined the Grays received a greater number of points than the Red.

The Gauchos will go down in Ranger history as defeating the Rhythms and the keenly contested Color War of the 1962 season.

Lolly Podos