COLOR WAR- Boys - Red & Gray

(Tune: "Soldiers Chorus" from Faust)

In this inferno we march and sing
Glory to Satan, the Hades king
Ranger's Red Satans will ever bring
Courage and fame, fire and flame,
Red Satans.

Who gave Adam the wrong advice?
Who stole Milton's "Paradise"?
Who gave Faustus loaded dice?
You know who we mean,
We've been on the scene, we're Satans.

We've beat Grey before
We'll do it once more
And now again we sing.....

Onward, ye men of the brave Red Team
Show that our prowess is not a dream
Spirit and sportsmanship supreme
For conquer we must
Our cause it is just--Red Satans

GREY FIGHT SONG: (Tune: A Hundred Million Miracles)

I. Arise young men
And tell them the story
How our wondrous code began
Arise young men
And call out with glory
Sing of the splendor of Japan
III. The spirit of the land is a glorious thing
We'll deal the enemy a mighty blow
We'll fight for all the principles that made Japan a king
Arise and destroy the evil foe.
II. All hail the mighty Samurai
All hail the mighty Samurai
The Emperor's ancient guard
We'll stand by the sword of every man
We'll live for the glory of Japan
From Tokyo to the China Sea
Destroy who live in infamy
Our code will always be.
IV. Bonzai Samurai
Our fearless might will never die
All hail the Samurai...