finest in the spirit of "never say die" by refusing to yield the last point. Gnawing away slowly at the Grey lead, the waiters ultimately won 16-14, with Lenny Guedalia serving the last 4 points. Thus, as the Red and Grey prepared for the 100-point sing, the Reds held a commanding 345 to 325 lead.

But the seeming certainty of victory was never to come about. The Greys combined flawless delivery with beautiful songs to decisively combat a fine trio of melodies from the Red side. By taking the Sing, 60-40, the Samurai for the first and only time during Color War over-took the Satans and won by the narrowest of margins. Generals Mike Colin and Arnie Graf buried the hatchet and Color War, 1962 was over.

Some called it fate and some justice, but call it what one might it came to pass that the whole scheme of Color War '62 was to be re-enacted by the same players and the same teams. The only difference was that the Red Satans were to be the team to come from seeming defeat to triumph after traveling throughout.

This second Color War--termed an Athletic Festival--began Sunday evening, August 19 with a rope-burning contest. Gray took the event and, for the first time in either war went into the lead in strictly athletic competition, 1-0. But as Monday went by, and then the activities of Tuesday afternoon (the final day) passed, the Grey team showed that it was determined to not only maintain, but enlarge, their lead and romp to a second straight success. As the last round of events began, the Samurai held a confident margin, 118-94, under the leadership of Norm Fishelman.

But just as Red was to be disappointed at the Sing, Gray was to suffer the same fate. In a spider to fight on by camper captain Ira Liebowitz, the Satans staged a comeback on the grand scale Tuesday afternoon, copping nearly every event. Although having trailed the Samurai at every point, the Redmen were able to take the lead when it counted most--at the final countdown. As the Satan team jumped with joy, Head Judge Al Pinsky announced the final score: Red, 240; Grey, 237.