As another successful Ranger season ends, campers and counselors look back on their experiences of the past eight weeks. Each person finds one or more events which to him or her represented a highlight, a memory to endure throughout the remaining months of the year and quite possibly throughout a lifetime. It is, therefore, to the task of preserving those exciting and memorable camping times that this newspaper dedicates its efforts. If each camper can find in the pages that follow some story, phrase or name which causes him or her to pause and reflect on the summer season just passed at Ranger, then we believe that the purpose and duty of the Trail has been fulfilled and its publication made worthwhile.

The editors wish simply to thank those staff members and campers whose time, careful attention and perseverance made the Trail's production possible.

Anne Hoffman
Mel Gurtov

Editors-in-Chief .............. Mel Gurtov
Anne Hoffman
Illustrator ................... Howie Greenberg
Typists ....................... Roberta Siegel,
Myra Hoffman, Joan Gershen