Fred Sierles- the original score for a Werben-Robrish duet
Bob Yount- a "tweedy" V-neck sweater
Richie Halitsky- a request from Fred for the origin of those "bozo" shoes
Fred Wallace- a "thank you" from Richie for the big sweep
Chuck Edelman- a month's supply of disposable crutches
Mike Gordon- 100 shares of stock in the Ford Motor Company
Al Wang- the joys of being a counselor for an entire summer
Ray Walker- a trip to his first re-union after four years at camp
Mike Marek and Barry Ruderman- a special table with two counselor seats facing the girl's dining area
Bill Arluck- a whole group pf campers interested in fencing
Steve Nevitt- an unliftable object
Marty Olinick- a new periscope
Sy Ginsberg- two basketballs to dribble to school with
Howie Greenberg- a potato chip sandwich
Mitch Buchbinder- the joys of Bunk 11
Bernie Cooper- Ba-da-ba-da-boom-de-a-de-a and a football game with Ge-Wah-Na
Al Frishman- a record of the "Twist"
Steve Krasner- a pair of socks and a yellow world
Pete Schwartz- a new MG
Mel Gurtov- a marble championship
Al Rosell- a day with his bunk and his bed
Mike Colin- a can of tennis balls
Al Pinsky- 5000 customers for his 5000 Christmas cards
Jerry Lerea- a driver's license not from Sears & Roebuck
Arnie Graf- 2 pugs; 3 sharkies; 4 twinges; 20,000 nice bananas; and 15 minutes of plain annoyance
Al Richards- a last will and testament
Al Vogel- 25 to call up his mother and all his friends--with change
John Kawa- a Diners Club card, a $2 show ticket, a Mel Goodman doll, and a record, "I'm Warning You, Blum"
Ronnie Jamron- a bunk that won't fight back
Steve Jaffe- the bottle city of Kandor and eight weeks worth of breakfast
Cliff Ross- Larry Schnitt
Larry Schnitt- another pair of bathing trunks
Pete Schwartz: "N - i - c - e."
Mel Gurtov: "Sy - y - y - y - y."
Sy Ginsberg: "Gurtov, baby."
Steve Krasnow: "Get back to the bunk"; "Don't walk barefoot."
Steve Jaffe: "Just pass the food, guys."
John Kawa: "Just pass the food, guys."
Fred Wallace: "This bunk is perfect fellas, but I just can't give it a ten."
Irv Tobin: "Listen, guys, there's been a let-down this week."
Larry Schnitt: "OK, fellas, we're going to expedite the surfboards."
Bernie Cooper: "I don't go for this culture bit; Tanglewood is out."
Bob Young & Fred Sierles: "Hit him back, hit him back."
Marty Olinick: "Please, please, don't teach my brother how to wrestle."