Norm Kerner- "But I can't do it."
Paul Kaplan- "No."
Steve Sentnor- "It's mine. He stole it."
Harlan Kosson- "There's a skeleton in my bed."
Marc Gutterson- "Ooh, can I take it home?"
Andy Browner- "Bob, he's not wearing his jacket."
Jackie Schnitt- "Could I have a lolly?"
Harvey Cohen- "Did anybody see the other broom?"
Ethan Statemen- "Look, a marble; it's mine!"
Billy Loftman- "Wheee!"
Arnie Menchin- "Oh sure! Right?"
Bob Goldman- "Daahling."
Dave Kramer- "Just try it."
Ricky Lichtman- "Growl--woof--woof."
Steve Grossman- "Make me!!"
Ed Chernoff- "Don't sweat it."
Paul Bloom- "Not now, dearie."
Richie Gilbert- "Where's my radio, Sy?"
Paul Perlstein- "He hit me first!"
Eddie Berkowitz- " . . . and my sister will tell Irwin and then you'll be in trouble."
Howie Kerner- "Mother, please, I'd rather do it myself!"
Ronnie Vogel- "Mama, kiss a boo-boo."
Steve Tucker- "Oh yeah?"
Hal Rosenthal- "Don't rush me. I'll take my time."
Louis Schreier- "Get out of here, you freak of the imagination."
Gary Stolbach- "Please, please--just one more shot."
Steve Blum- "Bah - a - h - oo - aa."
Harold Leff- "You schmoohead!"
Jerry Olinick- "I refuse to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me."
Tommie Hess- "That was an un-wise move."
Jeff Bloom- "My tape recorder cost $156.75!"
Tommy Wachtel- "But it's not my birthday!"
Andy Simmons- "**!!%$#@##*&##!" (censored)
Fred Fox- "Ha, ha - a - a - a - a."
Randy Robins- "No . . . I don't think we ought to do that."
Billie Savitt- "Uh, that was, uh, recall. All, uh, counselors and campers down to the waterfront, uh, I mean dining room, uh, immediately."
Ronnie Reiser- "I'm bored."
Ira Liebowitz- "Should I wear a sweater or a light jacket? It's a rough decision."
Mitch From- "According to Herschel's Theory on Hydrodynamics."
Jeff Rosen- "I'm here, the day's a success."
Norm Fishelman- "Oh darn it, I don't want to go to lunch anyway."