Bunk 18

Bobby Peck-

an American-made personalized nok-hockey board
Harlan Ellis- his own portable megaphone Waiters
Howard Kramer- a box of quick-acting pep pills Sandy Berman- a potential demon
Steve Blum- a 60 second workout, a guitar lesson, and a barbar's kit Ira Ellman- Jockey shorts
Sandy Lederman- his own high jump pit Barry Tumin- unlimited curfew
Harold Leff- missing laundry list Bobby Kagan- "It might happen"
Ronnie Pross- a six-month supply of hex symbols Wally Goldberg- 30 kids and 3 tables
Charles Bengeloff-
a strap to keep him in bed till first call Dan Reitman- Harvey L. as his best friend
Phil Dorin- a pepsodent smile for his grin Barry Malmet- We leave Barry slightly unconscious
Jerry Olinick- his own radio station and part ownership in Buddy Rogers Steve Hayman- 2 knee caps and a garage at Camp Ranger
Harry Shaw- a new squirt gun and a boxing lesson John Hess- a non-eccentric activity
Tommy Hess- a pass to all the shows on Broadway Lenny Kosson- Numbers 17 and 33
Pete Dodge- his own tennis court, and a free lesson to Arthur Murray's for the "Mashed Potatoes" Gary Goldberg- a way to get out of Stuie's shadow
Bunk 19 Bruce Gitlin- slide rule
Jeff Bloom- electricity Jerry Goodman- Bob S. as his personal barber and valet
Robert Bloom- Fizzies, sunflower seeds, candy........ Harvey Lederman- taste
Mark Menchin- today's baseball scores Bob Sovner- the Dutchess of Merle
Tommy Wachtell- only one birthday a year Steve Parnes- Sandy Berman's hide
Bert Seifman- Arthur Murray Dance course Eddie Schnitt- himself and Pig Han-over in the 5th
Steve Ludsin- a stick shift Mick Hecht- a girl in every camp
Fred Fox- an unbreakable chinning bar Richie Helfont- a bible
Mel Goodman- himself Bobby Paulen- a beard and eleven points from Mel
Andy Simmons- a harem Lenny Guedalia- a muzzle
Richie Halpern- 5 new paperbacks
Neal Fallis- bed that doesn't creak
Bunk 20
Ira Liebowitz- the book of Ranger Rules
Ronnie Reiser- a year's subscription to Superman comic books
Mitch Fromm- the Encyclopedia Britanica
Norm Fishelman- a girlfriend at Camp Ranger
Randy Robins- a carton of cigarettes
Billie Savitt- a gift certificate for 10 free public speaking lessons
Barry Weiner- Billie Savitt
Jeff Rosen- an American-made, personalized superman costume