Bunk 10

Bunk 14

Steve Grossman-
An automatic bed-maker Gary Mueller- Somebody to pick up his clothes
Ed Kagan- A half-million more baseball cards Alan Glaser- Someone to help him get dressed so he can get to lineups on time
Greg Dodge- A day with the Yankees Jerry Weinstein- A dozen scrambled eggs and a poobah
Ed Chernoff- An Aquaboy costume Mike Markel- His very own Richie Perlstein doll
Scott Maizel- A monogrammed hypodermic needle & a personal nurse
David Kessler-
Someone to pour his water and tell him to wear glasses
Joel Halpern- A pair of boxing gloves Jeff Kaiser- A Red Schoendiest baseball card & a dish of peaches
Paul Bloom- A box of pep pills and a watch

Bunk 15

Bunk 11

Steve Wachman- Two cents
Eddie Berkowitz- A dictionary and a direct line to his sister Steve Mait- A bunk without other Steves
Mike Clair- 2 Camp Ranger T-shirts which can't run and a comic book Steve Yeckes- A professional tattoo job
Richie Gilbert- A year's supply of soap Larry Maizel- A comb to keep neat with
Richie Marks- A maid and an autographed picture of Mr. Clean Mike Fishelman- A creamy cake
Paul Perlstein- Richie Marks Les Snyder- Marc Chernoff
Ronnie Weinberg- His radio Dave Conrad- A girl-catcher, long pants, and swim trunks

Bunk 12

Bunk 16

Richie Hammer- A good zipper Richie Smallman- A tryout with the N.Y. Yankees
Ronnie Vogel- A Steinway concert grand piano Jack Rossinsky- A book of good jokes
Howie Kerner- Some honey and a good microphone Neal Goldstein- A few more periods of baseball
Howie Ehrenshaft- A bar of soap and a tranquilizer Louis Picon- A box of pistachio nuts
Warren Suna- A "Toni" for his curl Larry Tucker- A haircut
Ralph Knoph- His own nature counselor Marc Chernoff- Girl's Bunk 14
Jimmy Weisman- A noogie Steve Tumin- An automatic pitching arm

Bunk 13

Bunk 17

Louis Schreier- A six-foot toad, a snake, a bar of Jergens soap, and a real live river rat Robert Levine- A swimming pool next to Buddy Kurzweil's
Mark Finkelstein- 3 meals a day with B. 5 and a trip to 1 Buddy Kurzweil- A brand new swimming pool
Steve Tucker- A Nebish doll that smiles Artie Nager- A new hairdo
Gary Stolbach- a loaf of Monk's Bread Jeff Axelrod- An unstripped bed
Hal Rosenthal- A pep pill and Freddy Wallace doll Steve Lipsky- A false set of 47 teeth
Manny Bloom- The finished P.B. plaque Bobby Gordon- A new "Robert Gordon Revised Dictionary"
Dave Lapidus- New flashlight batteries
Barry Goldstein- A few new excuses not to wake up in the morning
Andy Steele- An innocent smile