Bunk 4

Bunk 7

Steve Sentnor- A Washington Senators baseball Andy Dominetz- A lifetime supply of Sara Lee chocolate cake
Harlan Kosson- A skull butt Robert Sentnor- Plenty of paper to draw on
Jack Schnitt- Another brother Ira Lederman- A place in the America's Cup race for his boat
Andy Browner- A complete frog man's suit Mike Smiley- A new supply of marbles
Paul Kaplan- Another girl friend Mitch Shenker- Lamb chops and pickles for every meal
Norman Kerner- A pep pill Ken Levine- A "good conduct" medal
Marc Gutterson- A bull frog Norm Savitt- A place in the Junior group next year

Bunk 5

Steve Fineman- Plenty of candy
Mike Weisbrot- A trip to the water to get his toes wet

Bunk 8

Steve Falli- Quadruples in all foods Arnie Menchin- A book entitled, 1,000 Tricks and How to Double Talk
Fred Goldstein- A way to easily get Coney Island and Jones Beach out from under his blanket Kenny Kupperman- A rocket for speed and a major league team
Richard Bengaloff- A home run Joel Kramer- Some more girlfriends
Donn Haber- Something n-i-c-e Steve Gordon- A big marble shooter and an electric broom
Evan Tobin- First for something else besides ice cream and candy Nathan Zimmerman- His own personal "Herman" to serve him
Steve Fox- Some men to follow, some boys to lead

Bunk 9

Mike Ertis- A precision bed-maker Bobby Goldman- A brontasaurus playmate

Bunk 6

Ricky Lichtman- A sparring partner
Harvey Cohen- A personalized dustpan David Kramer- A healthy summer
Ethan Statemans- Everyone else's marbles Mike Leff- An electric broom
Wayne Lacks- An art scholarship Mike Berry- A foot glued to first
Ken Marek- A can of sardines
Mitch Heide- A monogrammed newcomb ball
Larry Kaiser- A "reserved" sign on first base
Billy Loftman- An unbreakable rubber band airplane
Al Lazaroff- The world's largest alarm clock