We leave this to you the staff of Camp Ranger 1962:

Aunt Ruth-

A camp without clothes lines

Aunt Jean- 3,000 different substitutes
Barbara Sisskind- A motor boat with a RUDDER and MAN aboard
Gail Tannenblatt- A score of "love" in tennis
Carol Falk- A stage director
Sue Lapin- The $10 she almost didn't get
Linda Greenberg- The heart to say "no"
Lolly Podos- A pop stick with a Columbia sticker
Sue Katz- A Greenwich Village apartment with a guitar and other accessories
Ann Hoffman- A private line phone to Chipinaw
Ellen Cohen- A vacation at the Concord
Marge Durell- More free time
Pam Carlton- A Grossinger's sweat shirt
Marlene Hammer- A MIKEcrophone
Barbara Dennis- Detroit (Nathan, of course)
Judy Reiser- Continual raft duty
Ruth Libergott- Her own chauffeur
Sheila Hammer- A vise to tighten her division
Ellen Goldstein- A steady bridge partner
Dena Tannenblatt- A years supply of casts, splits, pills, and cigarettes
Judy Gitlin- A longer week-end
Marsha Horowitz- The best bunk in camp
Dyanne Hochman- A Steele bridge
Barbara Weidenholz- French lessons so she can write sophisticated letters to her friends
Hope Heller- A butterfly
Natalie Fial- P.S.----A summer to summer romance
Mickey Berg- A boy who likes older girls
Suzie Friedman- A basically secure average American male
Helayne Baron- An assistant group leaders job---on boys side
Sandy Bernklau- A girl's role

Wynne Smallman Grossman-Many years of luck, love, and happiness