Bunk 18 C.I.T.s (Famous Songs)
Nancy Grossman- A little pizza pie Joan Ashpitz- Goody Goody
Barbara Flamm- Cubbies away from the hole Linda Sovner- Love Letters in the Sand
Nanci Wasserstrom- More horsin' around Joni Gershen- My Daddy is President
Pat Satz- The magic way to Rise-her Laurie Lebowitz- Please Don't Ask about Barbara
Tama Topf- An "eagle eye" view of Nella Yksnip Phyllis Klinghoffer- A Rose and a Baby Ruth
Hope Heller- A switchblade to switch boyfriends Myra Hoffman- You're a Thousand Miles Away
Natalie Fial- More alphabet soup Margie Shaw- It's all in the Game

Bunk 19

Roberta Siegel- Mule Skinner Blues
Sue Marek- A general swim Joan Jacobson- Seven Day Week-End
Estelle Lurie- A private telephone Gail Rosenblatt- See you in September
Ronni Braunstein- A totem pole Bernice Moreno- Her Royal Majesty
Tina Zitman- An electric broom and cubbie cleaner The C.I.T.'S -- There's a place for us... Somewhere
Carol Hochman- Energy plus To the kitchen klinchers we leave a crowbar
Nina Cohen- A problem Joan Ashpitz- A Brownie uniform
Donna Sellinger- Peaches and cream Linda Sovner- A big show without any night rehearsals
Nancy Krugler- Geritol Joni Gershen- Hyannis Port
Lois Chizner- Her own putter Laurie Lebowitz- One-way ticket to Illinois
Andy Horowitz- Bonsai Samurai Phyllis Klinghoffer- A permanent seat behind the Canteen counter
Suzie Friedman and Mickey Berg- A quieter fish market Myra Hoffman- A HECHTic day

Bunk 20

Margie Shaw- A solution to all her problems
Rochelle Tanenblatt- An Easter cotton-tail Roberta Siegel- A doctor
Sue Hoffman- A year's supply of No-Doz Joan Jacobson- A week-end with her parents
Arlene Reiser- A good-man Gail Rosenblatt- A one-piece bathing suit
Carol Fagin- A one-way ticket to Tittipoo Bernice Moreno- A visit to her parents bungalow
Jacki Drimer- Nelly's bell
Diane Satz- A feminine mood
Merle Braunstein- An English policeman
Natalie Grossman- An odorous moon beam
Ellen Schnitt- A game of "love"
Sue Brody- A pair of rose-colored glasses
Sue Strober- A head and movement