Bunk 12 Bunk 15 continued
Terri Hoffman- A softball Linda Axelrod-

A detailed instruction book on how to set her hair and a Bert-hday card
Lori Robins- An ace bandage Martha Gross- A new hair style every day
Susan Falk- "Nathan" and "Gravy Train" Muriel Gordon- A permanent
Susan Buchbinder- A box of pastels Sue Greenberg- Tight black silk slacks
Dale Platzner- Denny's right arm Sally Edwards- A big fat sweater to keep cool in 90 heat; and a year-around sunburn
Susan Kaplan- A pitch pipe Carol King- A deep water test the first day of camp
Rona Klinghoffer- A comb and a can of Spray Net

Bunk 16

Bunk 13 Elaine Zimmerman- A complex and a flip

Trudy Seres-

A king size hair brush for those hard to manage days Susan Malmet- A book of etiquette by Emily Post
Karen Fallis- An automatic complaint machine Barbara Silverman- A tantrum with a full supply of tuna fish
Leslie Heller- A twin to do her jobs and flashlight for silent movies
Patti Yeckes- A steady bow
Sara Levine- A different color bow for every occasion Linda Fishelman- Contact lenses
Gerri Weisbrot- A dressing room for her her "back-stage" appearance Barbara Rosenblatt- Her own personal maid
Nancy Haber- A tennis ball that won't avoid her racket

Bunk 17

Marian Breitbart- An inexhaustible supply of pretzels so her bunk won't starve Nadine Fishelman- Norman
Judy Reiser- A laundry bag full of Alan's dirty socks Nanci Janoff- A year's supply of talcum powder

Ruth Libergott-

A private infirmary away from her chaparone Ronnie Berkowitz- A decision
Bunk 14 Barbara Berlin- A life long tennis partner
Eileen Habib- Her own clothes Madeline Berlin- No more allergy shots
Vicki Merlis-A A cure-all pill Susan Ashpitz- More time in the morning
Ila Blum- A real raspberry Amy Rothman- The mouth that roared
Susan Rothstein-A A freer play Alissa Heide- Five years of pre-paid electric guitar lessons
Becca Weidman- Bunk 15 Bobbie Weidenholz- A morning swim
Lois Slaton- An electric toothbrush
Barbara Bennett- A checker-board
Bunk 15
Helen Fox- A slow tape recorder to slow down her voice
Lollie Fromm-A
A year's supply of detergent and unlimited use of a wash basin
Marilyn Cohen- A certain waiter and a few years extra growth!