Bunk 6 Bunk 9
Jill Braunstein-- Three front teeth

Gail C. Grossman-

A relation through marriage
Amy Marks- A new baseball cap Sheila Epstein- A direct line bus to her summer house
Susan Sussman- A lost appetite Matti Fagin- Her own clip board
Doreen Heller- A solid sweater Laurie Schwartz- Long Hair
Eve Simmons- A free haircut Gail Grossman- Her own clothes
Robin Peck- A time schedule Sima Schiff- Chips on a lost ball
Joan Grossman- Oh boy! Joy Pludo- A dog for the summer
Bunk 7 Bunk 10
Debbie Berey- A neck scratcher

Kathy Isaacs-

A years course in swimmer education
Marilyn Ehrenshaft- A first-aid kit Joan Picon- Obedience
Loralee Putterman- All the licorice in the world Lois Marks- A bed warmer
Dara Rosenblatt- Big Ben (the clock of course) Roberta Ertis- A world full of boys
June Tanenblatt-
Suspenders Sue Ellen Kosson- A substitute
Carole Weidman- A new beach robe

Bunk 11

Robin Weinberg- A bow to match every outfit Wendy Rosen- An automatic pin finder
Roberta Zitman- "Tough darts" Barbara Lichtman- Four jellyrolls

Bunk 8

Ruth Feldman- A life supply of hair spray
Ann Tannenblatt- A can of Raid-to leave them dead! Linda Tobin- All the comic books ever written
Renee Samuels- A lamb chop Beth Salomon- Time
Marla Schaffer- A private nurse and doctor Janet Katz- A full moon
Phyllis Lazaroff- A supply of rubber hands Arlene Putterman- A suit for bigamy
Donna Conrad- More time to do her hair
Jane King- An olympic pool
Nancy Kaplan- More boys
Carol Fishelman- Pioneering every day