Steve Feinman
Steve F. is quite classy, with his wit he captures every lassie.

Bunk 7

Steve Gordon
Stevie Gordon love's playing ball- And he really gives his all.

Joel Kramer
Of Joel K. there is little to say, 'cept that he's tops in every way.

Jeffrey Match
Jeffrey is always on the run- brings to all so much fun.

Kenneth Kupperman
Through clean-up he so slow- On the fields watch and go.

Arnie Menchin
Of Arnie we must say, at all sports he has his day.

Nathan Zimmerman
A counselors camper is he- known to all as Nathan Z.

Joseph Weiss
Joseph does really rate- At arts & crafts he is really great.

Bunk 8

Bruce Benenfeld
At sports he does excel- we all think that Bruce is swell.

Michael Berey
Just this summer he learned to swim, and as we know it keeps Mike interim.

Eddie Chernoff
Eddie swims with the greatest of ease, and with a smile he sure does please.

Stanley Cohen
Stan has a real keen smile. He also hits that ball a mile.

Greg Dodge
Greg loves to swim into the crawl, But most of all he loves to play ball.

Robert Goldman
Bobby bright and Bobby small, is a kid who's really on the ball.

Edwin Kagan
In summer Ed plays a great game of ball. I guess he'll be sad when summer turns to fall.

Bunk 9

Ronnie Weinberg
A camper who knows what is ? an makes no fuss about it. He's helpful when there's need of ? And we never need doubt it.

Hal Rosenthal
In his first year here at camp, He's shown us he is able- in a ball game, on the stage- and also at the table.

Eddie Berkowitz
His baby sister we all know from his close description- and if you say a word again be sure to get his licks in.

Robert Mait
An old time camper Bobby. He surely knows our Ranger. Concerning "ins and outs" of things this boy is not a ?

Paul Perlstein
This chap knows all about West Point, The Game Farm and Bear Mountain, and if you've any doubt of it he'll spout it like a fountain.

Richard Marks
His friends all know that he can be a really top-notch fellow and all that know him say you can't in safety call him yellow.

Richard Gilbert
The first who's up and out of bed and cleaning perfection is usually the very same, who crumbles at inspection.