Bunk 4

Richard Bengloff
Ricky, Ricky oh where can you be? On a nature option, where else what I be.

Fred Goldstein
Molecules and atoms are Fred's forte. He keeps us busy with them all day.

Jay Match
Our littlest camper in size and age. Jay Match is his name the Campers rage.

Jack Schnitt
Washing all day, washing all night, Jackie's face will never look bright.

Steve Sentnor
Of Steve we must say, he has fun throughout the day.

Paul Kaplan
Paul is our troubador, on stage with a golden tone-But when he is in the bunk all we here is "Leave me alone".

Jonathan Batterman
A messy bed, and untied shoe, Johnny Batterman, is this you-As an athlete you'd make your fame-If you would only dress in time for the game.

Evan Tobin
A little less fat and the little warm muscle-A little less waddle-and a lot more hustle-A perfect image of our H.C. Evan Tobin - who else could be.

Bunk 5

Billy Loftman
The one always ready and full of fun.

Michael Ertis
Michael E. can't be beat-in the bunk he's a treat.

Norman Savitt
Norman lives high on the hog- Every time he catches a frog

Alan Lazaroff
Alan will always say- He likes baseball every day.

Steven Fox
A sophomore is he, one of the best there'll ever be.

Gordon Goldberg
Gordon G. is quite a treat, His imitations can't be beat.

Larry Kaiser
In the water and on the field- Larry K. will never yield.

Jimmy Grapek
Jimmy G. is always wishing that during free play he can go fishing.

Bunk 6

Andrew Domenitz
Andy D. sure does right-At the waterfront he sure is great.

Mitch Schenker
Mitch S. sure has a cute face and in athletics he sets the pace.

Michael Smiley
Mike S. never frowns and with Ranger food he puts on pounds.

Kenneth Levine
Ken L. is quiet and yet sets the pace. In the bunk he is rated an ace.

Robert Brill
When it comes to sports Bobby is surely tops, with its baseball, tennis or sugar pops.

Robert Sentnor
Roberts Cartwheels are a familiar sight. With them, all the boys he does excite.