1. Warm comfortable sleep outs  
2. Catching up on sleep during COLOR WAR
3. Speedy waiters
4. Over-friendly girls staff
5. Counselor sings at supper
6. Life guard duty at 7:30 A.M.
7. "Build you up" exercises before breakfast
8. First run movies ("Tonka")
9. The wholesome atmosphere of "Vera's" Boatclub
10. The sorrow of seeing your bunk leave on a trip
11. The 4-7 night O.D.
12. The pleasures of organizing a social
13. Delicious O.D. sandwiches
14. The silence that prevails during a meal
15. The feelings of Sharing with fellow staff members
16. Looking forward to seeing "Operation Petticoat"


Memory is not to be forgotten
To linger always in our hearts
The dreams of a summer spent in pleasure
Of us will always remain a part

You brought us close to nature's beauty
You showed us the fields, the trees, and the sky
We saw the game the winds played on the waters
At night the stars glowed in our eyes

Softball, hikes and swimming too
You gave us much, much more
But most of all the friends we made
Is what we love you for

Now we must leave you Ranger dear
But none of us will cry
We pray we only say to you
Au revoir and not goodbye