With only days remaining of the 1961 camp season and each night memorable in itself, the prom night proved to be among the most beautiful memories.

    Dressed for the occasion, campers had no trouble filling the air with festive gaiety. Hours before, the girls got ready, finally donning the prized dresses that they had guarded so carefully all summer long. With a new sparkle in their eyes, the girls met the handsomely dressed boys, and the evening was off to a good start.

    Held in the girls' rec hall, the sophomore and junior prom was a huge success. The beautiful declarations to fit the Winter Wonderland team gave just the air of gaiety that the occasion demanded.

    The theme of Somewhere Over the Rainbow was perfect for the boys rec hall and the gorgeous decorations included candle light, rainbow and even a pot of gold. The Inters and the Debs all had a wonderful time.

    The lower Seniors and Debteens spent their evening in the canteen which was decorated as Cupid's Carnival. As in the others, the decorations were breath taking and a wonderful time was had by all.

    Most spectacular of them all was the Cabaret on the theme of Sayonora which was attended by Seniors and Waiters. It was held in the usually off limits, guest dining room with dancing to both recorded music and the live music of the Richie and Al Rtoosell and Bruce Berg Trio in the Boys dining room.

    Tired but happy, prom-goers returned to their bunks to rest before more wonderful end of season activities.


    Once again many of Ranger's Sundays have been enlightened by having Sundaes on Sunday. This has been a favorite treat for all of the camp during the past season and is certain that many will remember the two long lines waiting for ice cream, chocolate syrup, whip cream, nuts, and sprinkles.