From up on the hill there comes a call,
And that's the signal for one and all,
To rush to the infirmary with a smirk,
For you're better off there been doing your work.

It certainly is called while waiting in line,
But actually that is a very good sign.

The thermometer's frozen and fever won't show,
An aspirin and gargle and off you go.

But by some chance you should have to stay,
The best rest in camp is headed your way.

Breakfast in bed, juice by the score,
Friends at the window, comics galore.

Now the summer's near over (and so is this rhyme) We've all been healthy and had a good time.

When next you are ill or feeling blue,
Your Mommy and Daddy will take care of you.

Ruth Sherman, RN
Marge Stronski, RN
Edward D. Weiss, MD, BA, MA

    Once again it is time to pen a farewell note. As in the past, I feel very sad at the thought of parting. The eight short weeks we spent together or so happy and free from care. However, we part with many pleasant memories such as the Circus, the trips, color war, sundaes on Sunday, outdoor barbecues and other events too numerous to mention. It has been a pleasure taking on the mother image for you. May you all enjoy a very happy New Year with peace on earth for us all.
    Until we meet again, so long.


Now that summer is almost done,
Two Ranger girls I'll bid adieu,
For me this summer has been fun,
And my many thanks all go to you.