Camp Ranger is now on the map.

    Yes, all you Rangerites, we're on the map.  This great honor is due to one of our counselors. He is WA2CBS, alias Don Seifman.  Some of the boys have talked with Hams in most states in the Union. Our boys have talked to the heart of Dixie, the Midwest, and an American satellite tracking station in Lima, Peru.
    However, once you have had the thrill of communicating with a far away place, like Saudi Arabia, you want to be able to talk with them on your own transmitter at home. This entails receiving a license from the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C. To receive this, one must study for an exam dealing with electronics, rules, and regulations.
    Quite a few of our boys have done this. They have studied during rest hours and have come for lessons during option periods and free plays. I am happy to say that all of the people who worked for licenses had either received them or expect them soon. These are Novice licenses and within the year they must pass a more difficult test for general license.
    The following have received their license:

Ronald Reiser WV2UWF
Burt Seifman WV2UWG
Barry Weiner WV2UWH
    Jeff Bloom - WV2CBT expects his technicians license while Louis Schrier and Ricky Smallman expect their Novice license.


    "Overnight tonight boys" is a very common saying around camp. But how many times does it come to pass?  Well this is what this article is about.
    It's a nice sunny day, so one of the five Gregories decides it's time for overnight. They borrow Peter Pioneer from the senior group and start planning.  Peter Paul selects four or five lucky boys to carry the sleeping bags to the boys pioneering area. Then- as usual it rains and it's out again to bring the sleeping bags back.
    But lets go on the assumption that the weather is good. After evening activity the group, along with Peter Paul and the O.D.'s go to the pioneering area. After everyone is settled in his sleeping bag, a few scary stories are told. Finally, after falling asleep on all the rocks, etc. the counselors of the group start plodding in, so they can sack out.
    Then it's morning and time for a lucious cook-out, prepared by the one and only Peter Pioneer. I don't know about you, but I'M not too fond of eggs and sand.
    All kidding aside, I've heard good comments about our overnights and cook-outs. We've got a very good pioneering counselor, who has some great pioneering ideas.
    I'm sure we've all had fun on our sleepouts and I hope they are as good next year as they were this year.