It was with great pride that I led the Services this year. Boys and girls were assembled for a different type of activity.  Every Friday night and ordinary rec hall was converted into a House of Worship.  There was an opportunity for everyone to express themselves to G-D. For most, Services was a chance to stop and think. They realized all the possessions they have and all the good times they have shared.     Recalling all these things, it isn't possible to do anything else but thank G-D.
    Like any other activity, participation is of most importance. I would like to thank Ira Liebowitz and Sandy Berman for their very able cantorial leadership.  At this time I would like to wish all of you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Jerry Luxenberg

    Give me a boy who enjoys making things with his hands and I will show you a boy who was relaxed, patient & understanding.
    Let us review briefly the various crafts which were available for you to enjoy. We started the season with mosaic tiles. With the styles we made trivets, ashtrays, candy and fruit dishes. Some of our better craftsmen combined ceramic and mosaic tiles to make a large serving trays. These trays were the talk of camp.
    The big favorite in camp this season, as in the past, was the ceramic shop. Though the menorah was the prime favorite, the ashtrays and serving dishes ran a close second. In order to give the pieces a more interesting and unpredictable effect, we introduced special glaze combinations.
    Remember how you asked for jewelry? Though we had a fairly good supply of parts it was all used up in 3 weeks. Some of you started to mass produce your projects.
    Some of the sailboats made this yr. were quite professional in appearance. I wonder whose bed sheet was used for the sails?
    The craft which became the favorite was woodworking. Though we started late in the season, this drew the greatest amount of attention. We are planning for a bigger and better woodworking program for next year.
    Every great man has a hobby, with the greatest of these, the desire to create in arts and crafts.


    With the recent installation of the sink in the darkroom, plus a new array of available equipment, Photography at Ranger has increased in popularity, greatly. Without a doubt it's the greatest easiest and most enjoyable way to remember a summer in camp. However the expense and a time of sending out many rolls of film to be developed and printed as always discouraged campers from taking many pictures. Ranger photographer such as Dave Peller, Bobby Goldman, Harlan Ellis and Howie Kerner have shown that developing and enlarging one's pictures saves time and eliminates expense while at the same time offers many hours of relaxation and creativity.
    Simple do it may appear, photography can be extremely complex if one wishes to investigate some of the many thousands of books written on the subject. Here at Ranger, we have taught only the basic elements of good photography plus the necessary techniques for developing and enlarging a roll of film. In the darkroom we have emphasized the necessity of correct timing and temperature plus the importance of cleanliness. Those who have been to photography during option half, without a doubt, had a very enjoyable experience in the wide world of picture taking.