Sunday, July 29, was the big day at Ranger--Carnival Day. Excitement had been high for the entire week preceding the big event but Sunday morning the campus was busier than an anthill.  Colored crepe paper streamers went up, stakes were driven, hammers banged away, figures rushed in and out of the Arts and Crafts Shop, and before long, as if by magic, lively-looking concessions began to appear.
    At about 11 O'clock, Sunday morning, the campus was spider-webbed with strings and multi-colored streamers radiating from the flagpole to all points on campus. At Irv Tobin's signal, the Big Top began to go up. Everyone stopped his work breathlessly to watch the raising, and what it reached the top there were many cheers as the campers viewed the memorable sight of beautifully colored strings, streamers and balloons floating gently in the air.
    Carnival began at about 2:30 with a parade to the girls campus by the entire camp, many in original costumes. Once the girls had joined the parade, all marched back to the boy's campus and then the fun began.
    There was a rush to the various booths and crowds quickly formed before all of them. There were such booths as Douse the Louse where many a counselor was forced to take an ice cold shower, Meat the Swamis where one palm could be red, candle squirt, walk the crooked line and many more.
    When everyone had had his fun and tried all of the booths everyone withdrew to the front of the boys reckhall where hot dogs and punch were served, and the carnival was over.
    That night everyone was supposed to see "Operation Petticoat" as an outdoor movie but instead, Color War broke.  Then both campers and counselors collapsed in their beds.  What a day!

    For the first time in years Camp Ranger had a birthday ball. Both the boys and girls camps were divided into four teams and were given the names of the four seasons. The campers were put on the team which corresponded to their birthday.
    Preparations for the party then followed. Each of the teams prepared both songs and skits which revolved around very clever themes. Most of the preparations were done mainly by the campers.
    The girls' reckhall, which was the scene of the Birthday celebration was decorated very elaborately with signs and crepe paper and such. Each team had a beautiful cake which was to represent the birthdays during that season. The night ended enjoyably with each camp are getting cake and punch in celebration of the occasion.

    The introduction of Go Karting a wonderful new activity at Ranger will help this summer to stand out in our minds for years to come.
    And they're off...around the softball, basketball and other fields. What a thrill you get when you're coming into the home stretch, foot firmly on the gas, hands grasping the wheels, teeth clenched and helmet pressing on your head. Well, there will be plenty more next year, and the helmet will even be a little smaller.