On August 8th, the Lower Senior group, ten boys from the seniors plus for girls, left camp for Niagara Falls. We left camp early for we faced an eight hour bus ride to the Falls.
    We arrived at 4:00 and checked into the Henry Hubbs Hotel. We ate supper and shopped for an hour or so. That night we went into Canada to see the Falls illuminated at night and later in the evening we ate pizza and drank cokes.
    Next morning we ate breakfast and then walked to see the Falls from the American side. It was a beautiful sight. In order to go long the Maid of the Mist boat ride we had to take an elevator which was in an enclosed building. We rode past the American Falls until we got between the Horseshoe Falls and the Canadian Falls. The mist drenched us. Luckily raincoats were given out which kept our clothes dry. Later we went down to the Cave of the Winds. We had to change our clothes into certain types of flannel garments plus raincoats. We walked so close that at times we were only 15 yards away.
    Later, after changing back into our own clothes we went on a viewmobile ride. It was a train ride around the Falls. After returning to the hotel, we ate lunch and then climbed aboard our bus and went to old Fort Niagara. We took a guided tour around the Fort. We watched the soldiers put on a drill which was very interesting. We returned to the hotel for an hour or two of shopping. We ate supper and then went into Buffalo to see the movie "Spartacus." Next morning we left Niagara Falls for camp.; For lunch we stopped at Cornell University where we also shopped and saw parts of the beautiful campus.
    When we arrived at camp it was raining.  We all enjoyed the trip very much.


    It all started on a bright and shining Tuesday Morning. "Six thirty, time to get up". It was the day of the trip. We were all packed and on the bus when we found ourselves moving. It was a long and enjoyable trip and soon we found ourselves in Pennsylvania. First we went to the Hershey Factory where we saw Hershey bars being made. After that we went to our hotel, the Yorktown. We had nice accommodations. That night we went to the movies. Half of us went to see "Fanny" and the other half went to see "The Guns of Navarone". Both were exciting.
    Wednesday we went to Gettysburg and saw the battlefield. We saw a museum which had a new electric map with the story of the Civil War. We stopped off at a building where we saw a diarama of the Battle of Gettysburg. We finally went to a pool which was quite refreshing. Then, again, we were bound for the hotel. That night after dinner we went on a tour of the hotel. After the tour we went bowling. The best part of the evening was the pizza. On Thursday, our last day, we started off to see other adventurous sights. We stopped off at the little Red Schoolhouse. We sat at desks and there were wax models of how the teachers and children were dressed in those days. After our trip to the schoolhouse, we finally reached our days destination - the Amish Country. We toured a model Amish house learning how those people live.
    Unfortunately our trip ended and we were on our way home. Excited and tired were we when we reached camp. Our long trip ended.