This camp season our group visited the Catskill Game Farm. For those who have never visited this famous attraction, it was a thrilling experience. We saw all kinds of animals--from tall giraffe to tiny prairie dog, from a sleepy hippopotamus to a while the red faced monkey who would grab at any hand feeding at. Most exciting, however, was our walk thru the feeding areas. Here campers walked thru small herds of deer and sheep. They were friendly, tame and hungry. In fact, one deer began to the food out of Joseph Weiss's pocket.
    The two hour walk thru the large game farm was climaxed by rides in the amusement section. All came back to camp-happy and loaded with souvenirs.

Weve Steiss      

    The Junior Group took a trip to West Point and Bear Mountain. The first place we went was to Bear Mountain, where we went swimming in one of the prettiest pools you ever saw. At the pool there were 3 diving boards. Two of them were small and the 3rd was a high diving board. Joel Nadel did a cannonball and made a big splash. After we went swimming we had lunch. Following lunch we went sight seeing. We also saw the N.Y. Titans in a practice session. We then went to West Point.
    When we arrived at the Point we were slightly disappointed when we heard the parade we were supposed to see was canceled. Instead we saw the cadets as they were going to eat. We also saw cannons and a big stature. We were at a museum where we saw guns, swords, knives, bazookas and uniforms. We could also by some souvenirs.
    Later we had a steak dinner in the Hotel Thayer, a very lovely hotel.  After dinner we did a little more sightseeing and then returned to camp.

Richard Gilbert   

Once upon a Monday morn
Not much after the crack of dawn
Bunk 11 and 12 awoke with a flash
And started around the bunks to dash.
Up to the mass all the way they did
Anxious to get to Watkins Glen.

Breakfast for once, was without fuss
And in a very sure while we were on the bus.
After many goodbyes we were on our way
It promised to be a lovely day.

Before we knew it 3 hours had passed
And we were at Seneca Lodge at last.
We ate a good lunch, went to our cabins, and then,
Prepared for a walk in Watkins Glen.
The trail was narrow and the water flowed free
The majestic rocks were a sight to see
We walked through the tunnels, down the steps and through the falls
Its statel beauty had us all enthralled

Though a tired lot we were sorry to leave
But we were anxiously awaiting the exciting eve
A short dip in the pool was most refreshing
And in fifteen minutes we had finished dressing.

Another meal at the Lodge was done
And we were off to the movies, pizza and fun
We came back late, too tired to peep
And before we knew it we were all asleep.

We were up and about early that morning
Because we look forward to our trip to Corning
We went through the building from door to door
And we were fascinated by the glass galore

Before we knew it, time and tell
We began our last lap-a trip to Cornell
We saw the ivy covered buildings and the clock tower tall
We bought souvenirs at Willard Straight Hall

We were homeward bound to Ranger on the bus once more.
We were tired but very happy
After our wonderful tour!