On Saturday night, the 12th of August, the Ranger Playhouse presented the musical, South Pacific. The cast, made up of senior girls and senior and office boys, worked hard at a week of rehearsal which went into making the show exciting for both audience and cast.

    Joy Kaufman and Ira Liebowitz played the leading roles as Nellie Forbush and Emile de Becque, respectively. Joy did a wonderful job of playing the optimistic, love-sick nurse from Little Rock. Ira, in turn, did the extraordinary portrayal of Emile.

    Diane Satz (Bloody Mary), Susan Adler (Liat), Steve Hayman (Billis), and Bobby Kagan (Cable) supported the show with the workmanship of fine performers.

    The main cause of the success of the show was the direction of Barry Kaplan and the scenery of Matthew "Sceney" Schlansky.

    All in all, the audience was kept interested with wiggles, curses, and clinches known as SOUTH PACIFIC.

(in order of appearance)

Ngana ........... Arlene Reiser Jerome .......... Gary Mueller Henri ........... Dick Putterman Nellie Forbush .. Joy Kaufman Emile de Becque . Ira Leibowitz Bloody Mary ..... Diane Satz Billis .......... Steve Hayman Cable ........... Bobby Kagan Harbison ........ Randy Robins Brackett ........ Larry Klpner Liat ............ Susan Adler
Nurses Merle Braunstein Lois Chizner Karen Furman Alice Gunz Barbara Hirsch Andy Horowitz Jane Kaplan Sandy Kraus Inez Luxenberg Bernice Moreno Elayne Roselle Ellen Schnitt Linda Sovner
Sailors Allen Chanpagne Norman Fishelman Bruce Gitlin Ronald Gluck Leon Greenseid Richard Halpern Johnny Hess Steve Honig Ira Horowitz Billy Pall Dick Putterman Randy Robins


Director - Barry Kaplan
  Assisted by Barbara Lapidus
Music - Nick Zumbro
Scenery - Matthew Schlansky
 assisted by Manny Bloom and Joel Teplitz
Wardrobe - Diane Satz