Dear Campers,
    Now that 1961 is in the score books and all is over it is time to evaluate the season.  Did you get all you could out of camp?  Did you learn something new?  Have you improved in any sport or social skill?  Are you proud of the friendships you have made?
    Camp is more than a place what you can spend a pleasant eight weeks.  It should have helped you grow older and become for the better pers on.  I have seen boys change for the better this summer.
    Camp Ranger 1961, has provided me with one of the happiest eight weeks I have ever spent in camp.  To the campers, counselors, Aunt Carol, maintenance staff and the directors I sincerely thank you.  Best wishes for a happy and healthy winter.

See you in '62,    

    One more summer is passing, one more fond farewell to pay and more pleasant memories to cherish.  It has been a happy, fruitful summer, fair weather, and an enthusiastic and skilled staff, good health and lots of fun.  How grateful we can be for all these blessings.
    The strumming guitars, laughter, shouts of excitement, singing, dancing--wonderful sounds heard on our campus.
    Moonlight for sleepouts, delightful early morning swims, campfires blazing, the trumpet sounding taps.  All this is only a little part of that beautiful summer scene at girls camp.
    Have you ever tasted anything better than the cookies and doughboy we make at our cookouts?  How much we have learned.  Trips, tennis tournaments, special camp events, new friends, new skills: oh, so much to say about the summer of '61.  So it's never goodbye when a summer ends.  You just add up all you good times and friends, and store them away in your memory marked "Keeps".  Then through a long winter what pleasure you reap--Remembering!

See you in '62,
To each of you my love,
Aunt Ruth