The Ranger Playhouse presented the first show on July 4th in accordance with the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Barry Kaplan, how wonderful director came through with a stirring play as Camp Ranger celebrated this holiday.  The theme of the play told the story of our fight for freedom and rights.  The success of the evening lead the way to all the memorable experiences we have shared at The Ranger Playhouse.

    Hi their Folks!
    Egbert Mahoney here - your favorite show critic.  The Saturday of July 8th at Ranger featured a show no one should have missed.
    The Roaring Twenties.  Ah, but did it bring back memories.  Favorites of the twenties were brought to the present time in an array of delightful singing and wonderful dancing.  The Roaring Twenties was enchanting and a sure fire success for its director Barry Kaplan and the cast.


    The talents of Ranger boys and girls were combined forming an enjoyable evening in the production of the Gay Nineties Revue.  Two of the evening's highlights were "On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City" and "While Strolling through the Park"
    Hats off to Barry and the cast!!!!!!!!!!! 

Buttercup - Sue Malmet
Boatswain - Tom Wachtell
Dick Deadeye - Ira Liebowity
Ralph Rackstraw - Freddy Fox
Captain Corcoran - David Lapidus
Josephine - Marilyn Cohen
Sir Joseph Porter - Richard Halpern
Hebe - June Poster

Harlan Ellis
Steve Ludsin
Randy Robins
Norman Fishelman
Ronnie Pross
Douglas Black

Patti Yeckes
Barbara Dorin
Elaine Zimmerman
Helen Fox
Lolie Fromm
Susan Katz
Linda Fishelman
Barbara Silverman
Muriel Gordon
Susan Greenberg
Carol King
Linda Axelrod
Eileen Gordon
Barbara Rosenblatt


Director - Barry Kaplan
Music - Nick Zumbro
Scenery - Matthew Schlansky
  assisted by Manny Bloom
Spotlight - Donna Sellinger
Curtain - Paul Perlstein
Costumes - Helene Braverman and
   Roberta Halpern
      assisted by the seniors
Programs - Susan Adler