Aunt Em - Sima Schiff
Dorothy - Beth Solomon
Uncle Henry - Gordon Goldberg
Munchkin Leader - Ann Tanenblatt
Glinda - Janet Katz
The Wicked Witch - Eileen Habib
The Scarecrow - Joel Kramer
The Tinman - Bobby Kramer
The Lion - Arny Menchin
Guard - John Batterman
The Wizard of Oz - Nathan Zimmerman
Shelley Glanell
Dara Rosenblatt
Roberta Zitman
Joan Picon
Nancy Kaplan
Jill Braunstein
Phyllis Lazaroff
Linda Tobin
Gail C. Grossman
Mike Smiley
Kenny Kupperman
Paul Kaplan
Robert Sentner
Steve Sentner
Evan Tobin
Fred Goldstein
Steve Feinman
Steve Fox
Larry Kaiser
James Grapek
Girls Bunk 16
David Lapidus
Sandy Kraus
Jacki Drimer
Elayne Roselle
Carol Falk
Ellen Krell
Matti Fagin
Barbara Lapidus
Barbara Weidenholtz
Mike Wachtell and Waiters
Roberta Halpern
Richard Halpern
Linda & Evan Tobin
Barry Kaplan
Karen Farber
Paul Kaplan
Steve Feinman
Ira Leibowitz
Mike Brod and
    Bob Bralick
Donna Sellinger
Roberta Irtis

    On a bright Saturday afternoon Camp Ranger presented its annual Aqua Show.  As you might have already imagined, it was one of the exciting ones that Ranger offers.  As the show proceeded the reactions of surprise and excitement from the campers, counselors and parents, who attended, were great.
    The show opened with a few of the older campers diving through a hoop in an unexpected fashion.  This was followed by several enjoyable and educational exhibitions on swimming and its development.
    Among the highlights of the show was a demonstration of the surf board and canoe rescue performed by a few of the office boys.  This was followed by a diving exhibition by Suzie Friedman and Natalie Fial. (CIT)
    The younger campers wound up the show (and I mean literally) by doing their interpretation of the traditional may call dance-marine style.  This colorful presentation added some unexpected humor and a fine conclusion to a very successful show.
    I think a great deal of credit should be given to the fine waterfront staff at Ranger for the hard work they all did in preparing their pageant for us.