With lots of good weather this summer we were able to do many things that the waterfront.  Many girls received Red Cross cards and still others worked at the Ranger Aquamaster Program.

    At the start of the season the crib was quite a crowded place.  However, with a lot of hard work, the girls advanced to the intermediate area and finally to the deep water by satisfying the eight lap requirement.

    In our department, hardly a day passed when our boats and surf-boards weren't used to their utmost.  With some very few windy days during the season the girls got the true thrill of sailing.

    When all of these things are combined weekend see that the water can be a lot of fun - when used properly.  However, remember, respect the water and it will respect you.

Fran Berks
     Jerry Luxenberg

    Dear Fans,
    Now that the season has come to an end we would like to tell you how we feel about much of what we accomplished at the boys waterfront.

    At the beginning of the season many of you didn't understand the difference between working on the improvement of basic swimming skills and working for a Red Cross card.  Judging by the tremendous individual improvement that each of you has made this summer though, I'm sure that we understand one another perfectly.  You have shown true enthusiasm, and cooperation throughout the season and we want you to know that it didn't go unnoticed.

    We cannot evaluate the progress that each review have made because there is no comparison between the boy who goes from a non-floater to a floater, beginner to swimmer and a swimmer who works hard at developing his strokes.  All that we can say to you is that if you did your best, you and you alone have the personal satisfaction that comes from hard work.

    There is always room for improvement and it is our hope that next summer you'll come to camp with new goals in mind and begin working toward them immediately.

Larry and Mike