This year Ranger has been fortunate enough to engage in inter-camp competition with Camps Na-Sho-Pa and Raleigh.
    First, we played camp Na-Sho-Pa on July 11, and this day proved very profitable for Ranger swept three out of four events.  In baseball, Sandy Berman's clutch pitching and tremendous three run home run sparked Ranger to a 6-3 Victory.  We swept two volleyball games with the aid of coaches Paul Jakaitis and Al Pinsky.  Unfortunately, being inexperienced the basketball team met defeat at the hands of Na-Sho-Pa five by the score of 45-36.
    On July 18, Raleigh came to Ranger in search of a winning afternoon.  Coach Cooper was fortunate enough to have great hitters and fielders in Norm Fishelman, Pete Dodge, Howie Kramer and Sandy Berman.  Berman again sparked Ranger with two tremendous home runs, batting in 5 runs, while we won 15-4.  The volleyball team came out victorious, while the basketball team lost 69-29.
    Then on August 1, Ranger ventured to Na-Sho-Pa.  This time, however, we were not as fortunate.  In baseball we were defeated by a healthy margin of 24-4.  We were defeated in volleyball, and basketball was one sided, with Na-Sho-Pa winning 49-26.  During this visit a tennis team was formed with Marty Smithline coaching.  We were defeated in matches 6-1.
    We would like to give a special thanks to coach is Steve Goodman, Marty Smithline, Paul Jakaitis, Al Pinsky and Bernie Cooper.

             By Dick Putterman

    This year the girl's camp played in many inter-camp games.  The girls all had a wonderful time- no matter if they won or lost.
    The game we played was on July 10.  The senior girls took a bus to Camp Na-Sho-Pa and once there we won two volleyball games.  Unfortunately we weren't as victorious in the softball game.  Next, the girls played host to Camp Raleigh on July 17th.  The girl counselors won their volleyball game, but the seniors were not quite as successful.  However, we did when one volleyball and softball game.  It was really loads of fun.
    In August we were the guests of Camp Na-Sho-Pa and won almost every game we played against them.  Later in the month the whole senior division went to Camp Raleigh, right after inspection, and spent a really great day.