It was that time of the year again, for a visit from the well known tennis pro - ELI EPSTEIN.  While here at Ranger, Mr. Epstein gave his exceptional demonstration on how to hit the conventional forehand, backhand and blockshots.  This was followed by some of the campers participating in a few volleys while he pointed out some of the things he had illustrated earlier.

    The afternoon was highlighted by a pair of doubles matches featuring Irwin, the boys H.C., and Jerry Lorber, one of Ranger's directors.  During these matches it became apparent that these two individuals were not only adept in running a camp but that they were also accomplished tennis players.

    During the final doubles match, by "a strange twist of fate", Eli Epstein sprained his ankle.  This was followed by moans and groans from those who sat in the gallery - for fear that there was a second Color War in store.  Happy or sad to say, it was only a FAKE OUT!!!!!!

    So ended an enjoyable and educational afternoon.

Billy Pall

    The second annual " Day with the Knicks" was staged at Camp Ranger on July 24, 1961.  This day of clinics and exhibitions was sponsored by the New York Knickerbockers through the work of Ned Irish, President of the M.S.G. operation.

    Three representatives of the N.B.A. club visited camp on that misty July day.  Willie Naulls, scoring and rebound leader for the Knicks, led the trio.  The campers were also pleasantly surprised with the return of Johnny Green who had previously thrilled all, last year, with the show of basketball fundamentals.  The threesome was rounded out by the appearance of rookie George Blaney who shows much promise of pleasing his new coach this coming fall at training camp.

    The rain dampened most of the program but indoor films and question-answer periods rounded out the day.  The sun peeped out, though, for while an allowed the Knicks to show their skills.  Campers showing extreme ability were singled out and these campers will receive some sort of award.  Marty Smithline helped out some of the Knicks in a drill.  It was certainly a great day and everybody is awaiting a similar day next year.