This year, as in the past, the tennis courts on boys camp were plagued with a constant flow of campers during both the activities and free play periods.  Many of the boys were given constant instruction by Chip May, the boys tennis counselor.  He gave them pointers pertaining to the basic concepts of tennis and also some of the insight needed in perfecting a more complete game.
    Throughout the year this interest in the game was kept up by a system of competition, which is traditionally set up on the boy side in an effort to give those interested players a greater challenge and increased incentive.  The tennis ladder kept the courts busy and may tennis one of the most valuable sports throughout the summer.
    The tennis season was climaxed by the annual Ranger Cup tournament.  The Boy inters, Lower seniors and seniors were divided into teams which took up names of countries.  The tournament was worked on a basis of elimination, leaving the winning team to win tennis racket covers.

By- Greg Ruskin
    Jeff Kaiser
        John Wittenberg

    This summer Camp Ranger instituted a new type of program for group competition.  The camp was broken up into a major and minor league; each containing six teams.  The major league had a counterpart in the minor league with whom they joined in competition - such as - a sing down, swim meet, track meet, scavenger hunt, a rock 'n' roll campfire and baseball quizzes.

    In regular competition, the major league took part in softball and volleyball while the minor league took part in punch ball and kickball.  The scores of all these activities counted towards the teams standing in watermelon league.

    The culmination of a summer of competition resulted in a tie between Brockport and Fordham for a juicy Watermelon.