Girls Gray Alma Mater
(Tune: Halls of Ivy & Sweetheart of Sigma Chi)

As evening draws around us
The spirits at Ranger sleep
And now we tell the story of the greatest bond to keep

The bond is lasting friendship
Of which we hold on high
For Red and Gray are one here
United n're to die

And here at Ranger Camp we have
A chance to prove it true
What better way to find this treasure
Known to just a few
The campers meet and learn to share
The blend like the rainbow's hues
These things that you have given us
Dear Ranger we'll never lose

The bond is lasting friendship
This theme has grown and grown
Proud are we to have made true friends
At this our summer home

Girls Gray Marching Song

College banners waving unfurled
Proudly praising Gray Collegians to the world
Spirits mount on high
As our goal comes nigh
You will know we've won when you hear our victory cry

Let's swoop down the field and show the Red, that we've got the might to knock 'em dead
         knock 'em dead
Into line you gray team, into line
To the victory chant let us keep in time
We now have the win within the hour
Gray Collegians onward and we'll raise our victory sign

Boys Grey Alma Mater
(Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic)

As early morning mist, our youth is floating fast away
As the streams that leave the river we must each one drift his way
But through memories we cherish in our hearts we'll ever stay
Loyal to Ranger Camp
Softly now our voices ringing
Loud the echoes they are bringing
Red and Grey they praise we're singing
To you Camp Ranger dear

Boys Grey Marching Song
Onward to Olympius, to the mount where one great morn
Heavens opened, Zeus appeared, flashed an eye and Greece was born
All thunder smashing, all lightning crashing
As Greeks approach Olympius
On to goals of glory
Greek Gods are soaring
Greek Gods are roaring
As Greeks approach Olympius
On to goals of Victory

On this Mount Olympius, from the Gods we did acquire
Courage, friendship, wisdom great
And the strength to never tire
As in golden ages past
Greeks now meet their enemy
Armed with strength of Hercules
And with speed of Mercury