Girls Red Marching Song

Hear the beat of the drum
For the time has come
To rally all around
And let our voices sound,
Conquering RED
Conquering RED
Conquering RED

(Tune: June is Busting Out All Over)

Balboa he conquered the Pacific
Columbus he proved the world was round
Henry Hudson found a river
And Cortez did make men quiver
And by all these traditions we are bound.

We have a heritage of greatness
And we're gonna prove it all today
We've conquered England and Peru
Greece and Rome and Egypt too
And now the time has come to beat the Gray.

Red team men have got the right of way
This sing is ours and we are here to stay
We have got the Gray team sewn up
So beware or you'll be shown up
For our team is here and we would like to say:

We are the Conquerors of Ranger
We fear naught on land or ocean high
We've got the spirit and the fight
We're out to win both day and night
And we are here to tell the reason why:

Marching on to victory.

Girls Red Alma Mater

Oh, camp of ours, to thee we raise our voices
Oh, Ranger Camp, where lakes reflect the sky
In forest groves the pine and birch are growing
Above thy fields the mountains loom high

Oh, camp of ours, with love we do address thee
We shall keep strong, our faith shall not die
Oh, camp of ours, fond memories we'll treasure
Eternally we'll glorify thy name
We shant forget the rapture and the pleasure within our hearts, burn your flame
For joys we share, inspired beyond measure
From morning dusk, to setting sun

Boys Red Marching Song

Marching onward Yeoman
Brave and stalwart Bowman
Raise your sights to victory.

Yeoman singing loudly
Marching strong and proudly
Red team's here for all to see.

Onward, onward, till the job is done
Forward, forward till the battle's won
Greeks can fight no more
RED will win this war
Yeoman strength will always be

Boys Red Alma Mater

For all we know we may never meet again
Camp Ranger, let our memories never end
Our summer spent here in beauty and nature will long be remembered
As we move towards the future for all we know
We may only drift apart but friendships that grow will be treasured in our hearts...So Ranger farewell
Each camper and counselor cry for we'll never say good-bye Camp Ranger, dear.