Light!  Action!  Camera!  COLOR WAR! ! !
Excitement filled the air as bold letters flashed across the movie screen breaking 1961's Color War.
    With mixed emotions both Red and Gray teams were formed and competition began.  Collegian Gray Generals Joni Gershen and Myra Hoffman and their opponents, Jane Kaplan and Joy Kaufman of the Red Conquerors led their teams in a close struggle for victory.
    Backed by Karen Furman (colonel), Vicki Adler and Regina Gruskin (counselor coordinators) the Red Conquerors took the lead on the first day. Strengthening the spirit of the Gray, Sue Brody (colonel) Wynne Smallman and Madi Adler (counselor coordinators) encouraged the Collegians onward to a triumphant lead on the second day.
    This year's color competition was a variation from those of the past.  Although events such as basketball, softball, newcomb, archery and volleyball remained-the past major events, Hatchet Race and Apache Relay, were eliminated.  Rather than have the great stress placed on backdrops for sing and banners for presentation (which also were not evident this year) a new idea was incorporated.  Each team displayed their theme in the presentation of a plaque.
    The waterfront held its usual place in Color War.  The various divisions participated in new and different water and boating activities.  The events in this area were tense as many points were at stake.  Evening activities also were the basis for achieving a great number of points.  As the Red fire roared in the Rope Burning Event, the Conquerors score soared.
    To release the tension, the second night offered a movie for all Ranger girls.  Previous to the movie the counselors competed in a volleyball game for the Gray to come out victoriously--gaining two points.  The third evening was spent by the teams in a game of Human Anagrams from which Red came through to win the event that they were still only a a few points behind Gray.
    For only a short space of time, during the three days, both teams met to prepare for the Sing.  All remaining energies were given forth in the writing and delivering of a comic song, march and Alma Mater by both teams, not to mention the effort and time placed the Fraternity Pin Plaque of the Collegians and the Shield of the Conquerors.  The culmination of all was the strained moments that followed while awaiting the decision of the judges.  The Ranger family all gathered around the flagpole.  Tears were shed, embraces were forceful and even a few sighs of relief were to be heard.  Most obvious was the crossed fingers and curiosity filled faces.  The moment came.  It was a close score of Collegian Gray triumphed to bring COLOR WAR of 1961 to a close.


    The success of this color war we attribute to the Olympic Motto which served to guide us.  It is as follows: The important thing of the game is not winning but taking part.  The essential thing in line for is not to conquering but to fighting well.