As the season opens the familiar cry of "ready, aim, fire" rings out at Ranger's rifle range.  Due to the exposure of the rifle counselor to military procedures to cry is usually: altered "ready on the right, ready on the left, ready on the firing line, commence firing".

    The firing was usually pretty heavy this year.  The boys took the activity very seriously.  They were quite anxious to achieve N.R.A. ranks.  It made me feel very good to induct eight new members to the ranks of N.R.A. medal holders.  Altogether about twenty boys and six girls achieved N.R.A. awards.  Oh, yes, girls were going for those medals as enthusiastically as the boys.

    I can only hope that the seasons rifle activity taught some of the campers the enjoyment of riflery as a sport and gave them the desire to continue in it.  This country has a great heritage when it comes to marksmanship.  We have always been known as a "nation of riflemen" it is also my hope that I have carried on this tradition through the work I did the summer.

           JOHN SIMON


Don Einson
Alan Glaser
Bob Gordon
Mike Grosfeld
Steve Ludsin
Larry Klepner
Buddy Kurzweil
Robert Kramer
Tom Wachtell
Barry Powers
Charles Bengloff
Bob Levine
David Lapidus
Bob Gordon
Mitch Mazin

Peter Dodge
Steve Hayman

Marksman 1st class
Peter Dodge
Harry Shaw
Mel Goodman
Steve Hayman
Jerry Olinick

Sharpshooter 1st Bar
Bruce Gitlin
Bob Kagan




Myra Hoffman
Jean Gershen
Joy Kaufman
Ronni Braunstein

Susan Adler
Barbara Flamm
Tina Zitman
Nancy Wasserstrom