Aunt Ruth--------another 50 years at Ranger

Sheila H.--------love from your retarded spastics
Ellen D. --------a subscription to Vogel magazine
Harriet B. ------a southern accent from south Brooklyn
Sandy Lorber ----a steady Warrent
Carol F. --------a trip to Georgetown
Carol Becker ----an extra rest hourto
Sue R. ----------"Bubkas"
Sue H. ----------the song, "When I'm Not Near the Boy I Love...."
Renee -----------A view from the mountain
Regina G. -------"A Certain Smile"
Ellen C. --------the hair necessary from which to wash him out
Bobby W. --------a love song to sing
Judy R. ---------a plane ticket from Boston to Vermont
Judy G. ---------a molehill
Sue L. ----------a fresh kid
Helene B. -------the un----- award of the summer
Roberta H. ------a Ranger boy ...
Vicki -----------a steady for the summer
Wynne -----------a challenge
Madi ------------a clipboard and the title of Gregory
Sue K. ----------a salary increase
Max -------------a silky platinum pixie
Alice -----------music majors
Barbra L. -------back stage
Ellen K. --------platonic relationships
Judy H. ---------a boating date from Ge-Wa-Na
Fran B. ---------an OLDER boy
Willie ----------Jerry L.
Jerry L. --------Norman
Aunt Jean -------bunk 14
Phyllis W. ------a new pair of white pants
Carol Teplitz ---an engagement announcement in the New York Times