Al Katz--a car with a good emergency brake
Norman Weiss--soldiers instead of marines
Barry Forman--the Ranger decibel award and of an Irish stew
Arnie Graf--tranquilizers to slow him down
Stan Morganstern--lessons in punctuality and a case of VO 5 hair cream
Marty Olinick--the boogie man, alias sweetie pie
Richard Perlstein--a match with Eli Epstein
Steve Weiss--a map and tour guide for days off, and the same day off mate for years to come
Richard Roselle--lessons in voice modulation
Don Seifman--a bigger and better ham rig
Joel Nadel--Power, authority and Renee
Mike Gordon--Man tan
Mike Greenspan--an OD assignment on bunks 4-7 for once
Chip May--the proper dress for line-ups
John Simon--a telescopic gun sight
Ray Walker--a group leaders job next year and this time we r
Bob Frishman--three easy lessons on how to inspect and influence people
Mike Wachtel--an ice cube
Al Roselle--tips????
Al Pinsky--a G.L.I.T pin and a judge's job during color war next year
Mike Brod--nothing--he can't take it with him in the Army and "That's all"
Bob Byalick--knowledge on the part of only his hairdresser
Bruce Berg--a chauffer's license
Steve Krasner--the use of his car once in a while
Al Vogel--Harlan Ellis and his OWN Thunderbird
Marty Smithline--the Super-Campership Award
Pete Schwardel--a book of matches
Bernie Cooper--a championship baseball team to coach
Steve Goodman--the same thing as last year; a job in the f
Paul Jakaitus-- of an Irish stew
Barry Kaplan--his assistant director throughout the year
Matt Schlansky--a real mechanical revolving stage
Mark Poster--lower standards
Irwin--office boys and non-switching O.D.s
Aunt Carol--and automatic caper trying machine for the waterfront