Joni Gershen
  Slim as a wraithe if you would try it
  A Gershen, ten-day, no food diet

Jane Kaplan
  She has a little shadow
  Now don't you think it's dandy
  Everywhere that Janey went
  You'd find the faithful Sandy

Debby Watsky
  Mirror, mirror on the wall
  Debby's fairest of them all

Joy Kaufman
  Although she didn't make the team
  Joy has proved she's on the beam

Hedia Delit
  Hedia's got what it takes
  Including two birthday cakes

Fran Streisand
  To Victor Fran is always true
  He recognized her cap of blue

Susan Adler
  Oh Sue, Sue it is not true
  That I always pick on you

Myra Hoffman
  You drink tea as though you belong
  To the original cast of "Flower Drum Song"

Carol Fagin
  Manny, Manny is the blame
  For taking Carol off her game

Alice Gunz
  Where is Alice? - yes I know
  She's rehearsing for the show

  We leave to:
Jane - another note
Debby - a 6 foot mirror
Hedia - a ten year supply of tennis balls
Joy - shampoo to "Wash that man right out of her hair"
Joni - a calorie-less chocolate cake
Sue - an axe (to go with her pick)
Fran - the turtle award
Carol - a bid to the Olympics
Alice - her own squash court
Myra - "100 Million Miracles"